What is Bitlamp?
Bitlamp is a symmetric three sided LED lamp and a great way to promote cryptocurrencies. On your office desk or in the field of view of your webcam, it might catch the eyes of few and inspire them to start a conversation about cryptocurrencies.
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It's just me and my 3D printer, therefore production speed is a bit limited. Usually I'll have some Bitlamps ready to ship, but depending on demand please allow me some time to catch up. The pure print time for a single Bitlamp is about 24h, not counting all the steps to prepare and operate the 3D printer. There are 10 pieces to print 3 different filaments to use on 2 different print sheets. Assembly, testing the electronics and packaging also requires some time, but I'll give my best to keep waiting time as low as possible while maintaing high quality builds.
How it was made
I've designed all parts using Blender, 3D printed them with a Prusa I3 MK3S 3D Printer, added some LED Strips, a LED Controller and BAAAM the first version of Bitlamp was born. Well okay, it wasn't that easy, but after a few weeks extruding metric tons of filament and sipping a lot of coffee, I finally run out of filament - AGAIN... Eventually I reached the point that I was satisfied with the results and things looked way brighter. 💡
Bitlamp details
A 44-key IR-Remote controls the LED strips inside. It got some nice features like fading, flashing, color jumping and so on. The three side panels are exchangeable. Bitlamp doesn't require any screws, the whole model is a snap-fit.
Bitlamp v2 can be controlled via mobile app (bluetooth) and its using addressable LED strips, which allow for even cooler effects and even brighter LED settings. Over 200+ modes are available.
- Dimensions: Width 13.5cm Depth 13.5cm Height 17.0cm
- Filament: 90% PETG, 10% PLA
- Powered by 12V DC power adapter
- Parts are printed upside down on a powder coated textured print bed to achieve a nice surface finish
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IR sensor
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Who am I?
My name is Chris and I am a system engineer and cryptocurrency enthusiast from Switzerland. Technology fascinates me in general and over the past years I did a bunch of electronics and software development projects and more recently I'm also into 3D modeling and 3D printing.
Reach out to me via this reddit post or leave a comment on hacker news, I'll be checking multiple times a day. You can also write me a mail. I'm looking forward to any feedback or comments.